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Tools for Business Goal Setting {Friday I am in Love}

So it’s a new year, new goals, new directions. The start of the new year brings with it a whole clean state and the illusion that you get to start fresh.

To be perfectly honest, I don’t believe you should have to wait to the new year to start making changes to your life or business. Any day is a good day to do that. However, it is always the time when it is the forefront of your mind as you’re asked the question at the New Years Eve BBQ – “So what are your resolutions for 2014?”

I did a lot of my planning leading up to my Christmas break, one of my ‘resolutions’ is to blog more, and I am embarking on a series of blogs called – “Friday I am in Love” – a collection of things that I am crushing over – to be published on Fridays. Somethings related to business, somethings website related but mostly it’s going to be things just for fun.

So to kick off I thought I’d share with you some of the tools that I used to get my thoughts out of my head. These tools have given me clarity on the path for my web design business for 2014.

1. Danielle LaPorte – The Desire Map

Goals flipped on their head – a whole new way to approach goals – it’s not about possessions, milestones, deadlines – it’s about the way it makes you feel! Your desires, the journey – how does it make you feel? I love Danielle’s soulful approach and she has just launched her Desire Map in book form (it used to be online course only) –  get your hands on it!

2. Leonie Dawson – 2014 Create Your Amazing Year Caledars + Workbooks

I am in awe of this woman, she is the queen of getting shit done. I’ll be honest – she’s not for everyone. She’s a fun loving hippy living the dream – working only a few hours a day and her business ticks away even when she is too sick to work. These workbooks are tapping into her systems – which is like pure gold for those who really don’t know where to start.  I am hoping some of her productivity mojo rubs off onto my 2014.

Do you have systems or tools you use? I would love to know tools that have helped you sort your business goals out – leave a comment below…

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