Learn how to build & launch your WordPress website


The fun and fuss-free way to build & launch your website

Are you ready to build and launch the website of your dreams …without breaking your piggy bank? Yep, that’s build and launch a budget-friendly website (Robin Hood manoeuvres not required, I promise).



To do-it-yourself and create a gorgeous website that not only reflects your brand, but is a shining beacon of your unique brilliance?

To have complete creative and technical control over your online biz?

To make basic changes to your site, without having to call in an expert (and be charged through the cahooza for it!)?

And the best part is that you’ll build your skills in the holy trifecta:


Creating a slick and professional looking WordPress website or Blog yourself, without it looking like a DIY job


Taking charge of the basic technical side of your WordPress website


Discovering the ins and outs of maintaining and managing your website yourself

So, are you ready to unleash your inner digital alchemist?







Build the online space of your dreams and go from concept
to launch with the Digital Alchemy Online Program!

Harnessing the power of a fun, supportive and highly collaborative environment, we’ll cover...


How to choose the right website host + domain registrar
(don't worry we'll talk about what that is)



Getting crystal clear on your website goals



Learning all that confusing website terminology



Choosing the right website theme for your business


Setting up and installing a self-hosted version of WordPress



Installing your selected theme and how to make minor updates and tweaks to put your own unique brand of awesomeness on your site



Choosing and installing plugins to extend the functionality of your website.


How to maintain your website and keep it in shiny, happy shape


Nicki has been such a saviour to me and my web presence over the last few years - not only is she efficient, but I love that she has a thirst for knowledge in her field and is always one step ahead of me as an online business owner, where she either already knows a better way to improve my website functionality or she is quick to research it herself and find out my best options and then presents it to me in really easy to understand language and her personal opinions, which are always on point.

Nicki has taught me heaps about how to manage and maintain my own website, and not only taught herself how to use platforms she was unfamiliar with, but then showed me how to work with them better too! I can now do small tasks instantly which save me heaps of time and money, and then when it's beyond my skill set I know I can call on her to execute it perfectly anyway.

Sarah Wilder - The Fifth Element Life


New businesses or bloggers who want to have an amazing online presence

Anyone wanting to learn the skills to create, launch, and manage a website themselves

Existing businesses without a website

Businesses, brands, and bloggers who want to replace their existing website entirely

Graphic designers who don’t know how to code, but want to make a start building stunning websites

This is not for you if...

You're looking for complex custom functionality

You're not-so-tech-savvy. You don’t need crazy computer skills, but if you don't know how to use Facebook and think Outlook is a way of looking at things, this workshop isn’t for you. (Psst, if this is you, check out my Startup Dream offer instead)

If you've had a site professionally designed and want to turn it into code

If you're looking for hard core programming tips. This is a newbie workshop for learning the basics.


Nicki Mckay is a degree qualified creative web designer, blogger and digital marketer. Nicki has been working in the digital industry for well over a decade, and specialises with working on the WordPress platform. Of her years experience she worked on various projects ranging from small campaign websites to large corporate web based applications.

She finds great joy in helping people get started and has helped hundreds of small businesses and entrepreneurs bring their online vision to life.

Nicki has the ability to not only speak in 'Nerd' but can also translate it to something that is easy to understand.


Nicki is a guru at what she does and brings a high level of professionalism, attention to detail, business nuance and love. I am not very technically minded and when I had an issue or a concern Nicki was troubleshooting and allaying my concerns.

Dr Danielle Arabena


Instant access to 7 modules that will guide you through the process of setting up your own WordPress website. Get your site up fast, or take your time. It's up to you. 

Module 1


No longer get scared about those confusing tech terms. In this module we'll cover common tech terms you may encounter and everything you need to know about what you need to get started with your website. We'll talk about choosing your hosting company and registering your domain name.

Module 2


Prepare a plan for your website with your business goals in mind. We'll create a requirements check list that will help us choose the right theme and plugins. In this module you'll also get loads of helpful tips on getting all your content (text & images) ready.

Module 3


Prevent your site being hacked by following step by step instructions on how to set up your website the right way - no more dodgy 1 click installs with your host that leave doors open to hackers. We'll be deep diving into where all your files can be found so you'll be prepared to troubleshoot any issues that arise.

Module 4


So you have a website but how do you use it? WordPress is powerful standing alone without any extras so it's time to really to get familiar with it's capabilities before we start adding stuff (that potentially we don't need). Get to know the inside-out of your website, how to add pages, edit pages, add blog posts, edit menus, edit your sidebars, footers and much more.

Module 5


It's time to make your website yours! Learn how to choose the best theme for your needs as well as make minor alterations using CSS to put your unique stamp on your website. We'll look at changing fonts, colours and layout graphics.

Module 6


Learn how to get the most out of your website and extend it's functionality by correctly choosing the right tool for the job. We'll learn the skills to be able to choose the best plugin for the job without it breaking your site. This module will give you confidence to extend your site regardless of your needs.

Module 7


There is nothing worse than having your website down and you have no idea why... Learn preventative measures to keep your website safe and secure with regular maintenance, security and backup systems. We'll also have some trouble shooting guides for when things go wrong, what to look for and how to fix it.


Access to my Library of

Premium WordPress Themes

Tech Recipe


Tech Recipe


Tech Recipe

Mailchimp Setup

Tech Recipe

Sell Digital Products

Copy Recipe


Copy Recipe


Tech Recipe


Tech Recipe


+ PLUS +

A private forum for you to ask all those techie what-the-heck questions.


info Got more questions? Get in touch here.

Kylie Weir - Love Soul Connect

I was someone that had put off getting a website done as I have limited knowledge on websites and how they work, and I really had no clue where to start. Nicki took away the overwhelm and guided me through the whole process, in fact she made the process really enjoyable and made me feel really comfortable with her intuitive and can do attitude. In no time at all my dream came to life!

Kylie Weir - Love Soul Connect

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