4 tips for getting stuff done

4 tips for getting stuff done

Do you often find that it’s 4pm and you look down at your to do list and wonder what the hell you’ve been doing all day? It’s easy to get stuck in a procrastination loop and stuck on tasks that aren’t a priority. Here are my top tips for staying productive.

1. Clear your head

Find what works for you but I know I am more focused after a morning run or even just a quick walk with the dog (I also get my best ideas then too). Whether clearing your head is meditation, yoga, digging in the garden, relaxing with a hot cup of tea, having breakfast with your family – allow your brain to switch off before you get stuck into your workload.

2. Turn off distractions

Get off the internet, shut down your emails and turn your phone off. If you have no self control, take yourself out to a café or a park with no Wifi.

3. Pure focus

You’ll be so surprised how much you’ll get done with 30 minutes of pure focus. Don’t wait to get ‘motivated’ or ‘inspired’ as that may never happen, you need to just sit down and do it. Set the timer for 30 minutes and don’t stop until that timer goes off.

4. Divide and conquer

When your ‘to do’ list is 10000 items long it’s easy for overwhelm to set in. Which is one of the biggest productivity killers. Write a list of 3 tasks that have the highest priority and are achievable items. Focus on only those items (and you may find you need to break them down further).

Everyone has those days where nothing goes right, but that’s OK. Give yourself a break and don’t make yourself feel guilty about the things you didn’t get done.

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