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An end to my gap year!

When I first started Green Label back in 2009, I had just come back from a round the world adventure. 6 months, 12 countries, 23 planes, countless bus trips, a stolen laptop, sprained ankle, a bout of swine flu & a craving for vegemite on toast. After such and adventure, the idea of sitting in a cubicle for the rest of my life made me go into a cold sweat. I had countless job offers rolling in from agencies but instead in the midst of the GFC I opted to carve my own path and took the plunge by starting a business doing what I loved.

I am guessing you have a similar story about taking the plunge. It’s exciting, scary but ever so rewarding.

To me, running my own business was to give me the flexibility to travel and the freedom to live life on my own terms.

It’s the dream right?

After 3 successful years of running the biz, a series of compounding events occurred that shook me to my core. It wasn’t until the dust settled that I suddenly realised I had started living someone else’s dream. I just totally lost my way. I no longer had freedom & flexibility – I hadn’t had a holiday in 3 years. I started dropping balls. Pissing people off. I needed a break. Not just a holiday (who can turn off from business right?). I needed a change. So an opportunity arose for me to take that break and I took it.

It was great to step outside of the business and get perspective. It’s what I needed at the time. Weekends were mine again. A regular paycheck was excellent. However, the cubicle nightmare had occurred and I was back to square one.

I am now happy to now report that after 12 months of taking that much needed break…..

I’ve taken that plunge again and I AM BACK.

Reignited, motivated & inspired.

I am changing things up, I am doing it my way and I’d love to share my journey with you!

New name, new brand, new online homes

To better represent my direction I am going back to basics, I am taking on my own name. Why am I ditching Green Label? Whilst I still hold the ethics and fundamental ideals attached to the brand, the name no longer serves me or my direction. Honestly the name is just confusing,  I don’t print labels – I make websites and give advice about online business.

After toiling for months to think of something new, and annoying the pants off those closest to me, I’ve decided to keep it personal and go with something that represents me (at least until I think of something super clever).

In the coming weeks I’ll be launching my new website, at the moment it’s a place holder, fingers crossed it won’t be like the plumbers leaky tap and be a perpetual placeholder.

Here are my new online where you can connect with me:-