Have you figured out your ‘why’?


Have you ever really thought about the driving force about why you do what you do?

If you’ve read Simon Sinek’s book “Start with why” (or listened to his Ted talk) you’ll understand why it’s incredibly important to figure it out.

For me I was pretty debilitated by this question. I thought it had to be some life shattering event that struck you down and a booming voice from above would shout out ‘this is your why!’. That hadn’t happened so I ignored it. Kept punching on and doing the things that I am good at, without really considering why.

My ‘why’

If you’ve been following my business journey you’ll know I started my biz after a life changing around the world adventure. I came back, took a job in a cubicle. Felt suffocated, bored, unhappy, anxious (after a day). I Left. Did it one more time with the same outcome (lasted a few extra days). But left again.

I had just spent all this time witnessing many people who were so incredibly happy, and without many of the things that we all work so hard to get.

And here I was back in my reality, trying to find happiness where it didn’t exist.

There is some kind of madness about modern life if you really think about it. We drive to a job we hate, to pay for the house that we don’t spend anytime in, pay for the work clothes that we don’t want to wear and the car that gets us there.

I love the freelance lifestyle that gets me out of the cubicle, and it’s a big reason why I love what I do, but that’s not my why.

My WHY is about disconnection from that modern machine, and reconnection with the things that matter most. My way of doing this is by helping people carve a life that helps them escape the cubicle and start doing what they truly love to do. Helping them create websites is the tool I use to help them do it.

‘Why’ is important

As soon as the penny dropped and I realised my why EVERYTHING changed. My attitude, my enthusiasm, my excitement, my self worth. It was like someone had actually turned the light on inside my brain, there was no booming voice from high above, but close enough.

Figuring out my why gave me space to think of new approaches and new ways of doing things. Hence a couple new packages including my new digital alchemy workshops targeted to start up businesses and bloggers to complement my premium services.

How do you find your why?

I wish I had the answer for this but there is no golden rule. My best piece of advice is to start really digging deeper into what drives you, and if you keep coming back to money, dig deeper.

You’ll find it when you start looking, like anything you just have to start.


Do you know what your why is? I’d love to know your journey of discovering it, leave a comment below!


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2 thoughts on “Have you figured out your ‘why’?

  1. Great to see that you’ve unearthed your big “why” Nicki!
    It’s so easy to get stuck on “money” and “freedom” as your motivators! I agree that it’s important to go deeper. For me, writing is an essential creative outlet, I would write even if I didn’t have a blog/business. Similar to you, my “why” is partially about me and partially about the people I serve…
    For me… creative expression and an uncaged lifestyle.
    For my people… to prevent prolonged, unnecessary suffering or struggle and to help them master their own self-motivated-healing/recovery (as I have done) to ultimately give them power back over their own life!

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