Lack of Clarity

Lack of clarity will hold back your website dreams

The biggest thing that will hold you back from getting the website you really desire has nothing to do with your budget or your technical skills.

Lack of clarity is going to hold you back. So let me me ask you…

How clear are you about your business?

Do you know what your selling?

Do you know who your selling too?

Do you know why you’re selling at all?

If you’re not clear about these things this will reflect in your website and you’ll end up with a website that you don’t love. You could potentially end up with a useless website because the lack of clarity shows, and it’s not connecting with your audience.

If you’ve hired someone to create the¬†website of your dreams prior to getting clear, chances are you’ll be penalised financially for constantly changing your mind. Delays will be caused and time is money after all, so constant changes is going to end up being a costly exercise.

So how do you get clear?

Go back to the basics, start with why

I bang on about this a lot but definitely go check out Simon Sinek’s Ted Talk on starting with why. The reason why you do what you do is the foundation for a successful business. You need to be starting or running a business for the right reasons, not just because you can.

Find your vision

The thing that I find most helpful is figuring out what you want the bigger picture to be. For me, I don’t want an agency with 100 staff with a big fancy office. I want a small collaborative environment where we can choose where we want to work and what on. For you it might be world wide domination, it might be mass production of your design, it might even be freelancing on a beach somewhere.

Figure out the big picture, the grand vision of your business.

Define your key services/products

This may seem like a no brainer, but you need to figure out what your key areas are. If you have a service based business what are the key offerings that you want to offer to your clients. If you are a product based business what are the key types of products you’ll be selling.

Try not to go crazy with offerings, as when it comes to websites, you don’t want to over load your users. If you have loads of products or services, try to group them.

Go pro, hire a business guru

If you’re anything like me, a multi-passionate who can’t keep their ideas in check and outside input from your friends and family makes you even more confused, it’s time to hire the services of a pro. A business coach will dig deep and really help you make sense of it all.

Whilst most creative teams will assist with business strategy, at the end of the day it’s not their job, it’s your business! So if you need that extra support go get it before you start.

Stop over thinking it!

It’s not a race and there is no magic bullet, if you’re not clear on how you want your business to be, take a step back and let it evolve. Phase your web project with the bare basics to get you started and come bak at a later date for phase 2 when you’re clearer in your mind about how you want it all to look.


Has lack of clarity been holding you back?