No longer busy

I am no longer going to be busy

I really hate the word busy.

Crowded. Full. There is no room for anything.

It’s a negative word that brings with it anxiety, resentment and overwhelm.

It stops you from saying yes to things you should, need or want to do.

“I can’t, I am too busy”. I bet you’ve said that a few times before.

‘Busy’ creates some kind of frantic state in which everything is going at a million miles an hour.

You can’t focus. You get overwhelmed. Then you get more busy.

It pushes people away. People can smell you time deficit desperation. It’s off putting.

Goodbye, busy

Truth be told, I am probably a point beyond busy.

All last week, I could feel that ‘busy’ was overwhelming me. My heightened state of ‘Busy’ was preventing me from doing great work. I couldn’t focus on the tasks at hand and I was all over the place.  When I am stuck in my head the best thing for me to do to get productive is to go for a run. But when I am too busy I never give myself permission to do so.

My productivity system was all out of wack as I tried to jump from thing to thing to just get stuff done (counter intuitive, I know).  But in reality, I barely scratched the surface of my task list.

So this week, and hopefully forever, I am dropping busy.

I thought of replacing the word with something like ‘full’, but instead I am just dropping it and any connotations of it.


Instead I am grateful that I have plenty of work. I’ll be focusing on getting things done, instead of being busy.

How do you handle being busy?

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