ROOOAR Digital Magazine for Female Entrepreneurs

New arrivals … ROOOAR magazine

As you may know, being a creative is draining when all you do is bring other people’s dreams to life. Whilst I LOVE what I do, I also need my own creative outlet. So I’d like to introduce you to our bouncing baby project  – ROOOAR Magazine, a collaboration with superstar designer Anna at Design with Style.

ROOOAR Magazine will be a digital magazine targeted to women in business.

I love creating business, I love growing business and I am super excited to share this project with you and my journey along the way.

It will be packed full of useful advice for business owners as well as some inspiring stories from amazing women in business. If you have an article idea, a burning business question or are interested in contributing get in touch.

The first issue is due for release mid December – ready for your summer time read!

Watch this space as the year unfolds with a bunch of creative side projects I have up my sleeve that I’ll be sharing.

Are you working on anything creative? I love to hear what creative projects you do on the side, leave a comment below!