The solitude of a solo entrepreneur

The solitude of a solo entrepreneur

I admit that I am an introvert. I enjoy my own space and need to recharge alone. Lately I’ve been feeling a little out of sorts, and to be perfectly honest I think I am going a little nutty.

My desk has become my home for more than 14 hours per day. The extent of my existence includes the 3 second commute to my desk straight from my bed (yes I usually stay in my PJS until about 10am). Then the bleary eyed trudge to the coffee machine and back again. Occasionally I will go and sit in the sun on the deck to reply to a few emails, but still aside from the Beagle, the Cat, the goldfish, the occasional hawker and when Nathan returns home from work, I don’t see any other living thing that day.

I am locked in my dark little cave for days on end and I am suddenly understanding why the Beagle goes a bit crazy after a couple of days without a walk.

Not healthy I know, but it’s so easy to fall into this trap when you’re a solo business owner and also work from home.

Here are a few tips on getting out of the perpetual loop of introverted discontent.

Get out of the house every day

Whether it’s a walk around the block, a trip to the shops or you pack up your gear and go work for an hour in a cafe. Feeling like you’re getting out of the house may seem unproductive, but the break away will get you thinking clearer and in turn will make you more productive.

Join networking groups

Having a online group of female business owners has seriously been so good for my sanity and business. They have been so invaluable for me bouncing ideas, helping me in tricky situations or just general water cooler chat. Beats trying to have a conversation with the cat. There are loads of industry specific groups around on Facebook & LinkedIn, check out the ROOOAR dream big community.

Co-working spaces

Admittedly one of the things I love about working for myself is that I can do it from home, but if you ever need a kick up the butt to get stuff done heading to a co working space might do the world of wonders. The buzz of activity will motivate you to get work done, plus you get some social interaction as well.

Pick up the phone

Whilst most of my business is done via email, theres nothing better than just picking up the phone for a chat with a client to nut out some details. It’s quicker and it builds relationships. Plus you don’t feel like all you’re doing is communicating with a computer screen.

What do you do to avoid the craziness of solitude? Leave a comment below!

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3 thoughts on “The solitude of a solo entrepreneur

  1. Hey Nicki, great advice. I’ve just quit my full-time gig to go work for myself full-time! I like the idea of co-working spaces and I’ve been looking at a few spaces which have hot desks. But the cost is just so much! A lot of them charge like $50 a day, and then $135 per week. Sheesh. Maybe in the future when I’m earning more 🙂

    1. Yeah some of them are crazy expensive. Check your local area for startup incentive programs though too, sometimes you can find places that include mentoring programs & desk spaces.

  2. I sometimes go to the library and do work there instead of at home. I feel like when there’s people all around you working that you feel more inclined to do work yourself.

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