3 strategic steps to connect with your tribe

3 strategic steps to connect with your tribe

Does this sound like you…You’ve been collecting emails for a little while now on your website and have slowly been growing your list.

You send out the occasional email marketing campaign, but you’re not seeing a great deal of engagement. No one is clicking. No one is buying. You don’t even know if anyone is even reading. You kind of feel like you’re sending out a boat load of emails to nobody, for no reason. Like you’re wasting your time.

And truth be told, you probably are.

A common strategy to get people signing up to your email list is an offer, an incentive, aka some form of bribe. Great for getting numbers, but not so great for having an engaging list. And if you really think about it, do these people really want to hear what you have to say? And how can you get these people on board with your offerings?

There will always be some people who want free stuff and nothing else. So forget those people. But the rest…how can you keep them active and interacting with you? With a little bit of love and nurturing.

1. Nurture them by sequence

Have you ever signed up to a list and then not received anything, for ages. Then all of a sudden out of the blue you receive an email and you have actually forgotten that you subscribed? This is a case of a ‘cold list’, and the best way to keep it warm is to nurture it from the get go, and a super easy way to do it is with an automation sequence.

A nurture sequence is essentially a sequence of automated emails that guides the user through a process.

I’ve recently setup a nurture sequence for ROOOAR and also for my own personal list. As a result we’ve seen a massive increase in signups for our Community from the sequence alone.

This can be done in many ways but my process goes a little as follows:

Email number 1 – Set expectations – Sent on confirmation of subscription
This email is all about setting expectations, in this I include frequency and also the topics that I talk about. I also give links to previous articles of interest.

Email number 2 – Let’s get to know each other – Sent 5-7 days after signup
This email is a quick introduction about me, then I switch it over to my user and ask them questions about what they are doing, what are their hopes and dreams? I get so much happiness out of seeing a reply from one of these emails – and yes I always reply to these emails.

Email number 3 – Incentivise – Sent 10-14 days after signup
Follow up the first bribe with another- because people love freebies!

Email number 4 – How you can work with me – Sent 15-21 days after signup
Now let them know how they can work with you, aka do the sales push.

2. Create amazing content, regularly

I find that the most engaged people on my email marketing list are the ones who sign up at the bottom of my blog posts. It’s nothing to do with a bribe, they like what I have to say so they want to hear more.

When creating content everything you create must be with the user in mind. Will this be helpful? Will this be relatable? Will this be relevant?

By regularly creating amazing content that is relevant, people will always want more. Then you’ll become the favourite email that hits their inbox.

3. Ask for engagement

One of my favourite things is getting responses to my email marketing. Not something you’d normally hear in a time of email fatigue, but I love hearing feedback. I love hearing about peoples journeys, where they are at in their businesses and the wins/and struggles they are going through. It makes me feel super connected.

For a long time I never had replies to emails, but lately I’ve been getting loads, and it’s only since I’ve asked them to reply. Invite your email subscribers to say hello and engage with you, you’ll be surprised at the response.

So next time you feel like you’re list isn’t connecting start nurturing, creating great purposeful content and ask for engagement.