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5 simple rules for Email Marketing Success

If you’re a subscriber to my email list and received my last email you may have noticed that I committed one of the biggest sins of email marketing. I was just a little bit excited about launching my website. Awesome for me, not so much for you.

If you didn’t notice what I did, then let’s forget it ever happened, I’ll start taking my own advice and you can focus on these corker email marketing tips just for you!

5 simple rules for successful email marketing

These tips will help keep people on your list and potentially get that sale.

It’s not about you

Remember who you’re talking too. Whilst your mum who loves hearing about what you’ve been up, it may not be of interest to potential customers.

Offer value

Whilst getting people on your list to begin with is tricky, keeping them engaged is even trickier. In a time when we have email fatigue, it’s pretty damn easy for people to unsubscribe to useless stuff. You really need to offer your subscribers something that isn’t useless to them. Whether it be free advice, tips, information or even discounts.

Short & sweet

Again, email fatigue, keep it short.

A subject line that is begging to be read

If I am scanning my emails, I am more likely to open something that is out of the ordinary than something generic like ‘sale’ or ‘news’. Make it unique to your brand and your audience – but also relevant to the content of the email.

Call to action

No point sending email marketing if you are not going to promote yourself at all. Don’t forget what your over all goal is.

I hope these tips help you out. If you need assistance in setting up your email marketing hit me up.

I’ve also just opened up my ‘Pick My Brains‘ sessions if you’re needing some quick help or advice with your website or digital marketing.