Nurturing your people

Nurturing your people

When it comes to email marketing do you often feel like you’re sending out your words to a big internet abyss? Like what the hell is the point? Is anyone even reading this?

When you look at your list, you may just be looking at your list numbers, possibly depressed that it isn’t as big as whats-her-faces and totally forgetting that every single person on that list has signed up to hear what you want to say.

The people on your list are real people that have invited you (yes you!) into their inbox to hear just what you want to say. And if you haven’t noticed, an inbox is a pretty sacred place right now. So if you’re not already, maybe it’s time to start nurturing them and getting to know them a bit better.

But how do you nurture your people?

A nurture sequence.

I have another online business (totally unrelated to business and websites) where I popped in what you would call a nurture sequence to my email signup process. Now there are many ways to do this, but a really simple version looks a little like this:

  1. User signs up
  2. Instantly they get delivered their bribe (see here about some possible ideas)
  3. 2 days later I introduce myself and ask them to introduce themselves
  4. 2 days later Offer something of value (another kind of bribe)
  5. 2 days later send the non-salesy sales pitch

Step 3 is possibly the most important thing in this process, and boy does it work. Probably about 80% of people respond and I can start building a relationship with them. It’s been a great process to see who is actually signing up and getting more of and in depth understanding of the needs of my audience whilst also building relationships.

Why would you want to build these relationships?

Well it’s going to help in a number of ways, but the main benefit I’ve found is an increase in open rates, a decrease in unsubscribes (especially if your sends aren’t as often as you would like) and it will make you more relatable that your audience wants to support.


Have you implemented a nurture sequence into your email marketing strategy? Leave a comment below.