Confessions of a compulsive list maker

I admit it. I have a problem. I love to plan, organise and map out EVERYTHING. I am a compulsive list maker.

Pretty much every activity with the slightest amount of foresight requires a list. You’ll often see my husband rolling his eyes at me, or finishing my sentence as I utter those words ‘OK, let’s write a list’.

I love the end of the year when all these amazing planning and organisation tools hit the market. Planners, diaries, goal setting tools, notepads, productivity apps! I love my massive wall calendar, that I can glance at and see my entire year ahead. I have several notebooks, journals, aps, piles of post it notes and lists scribbled over random bits of paper.

There’s just one problem. I love to plan. I love to plan way more than I take action.

I have identified five main personalities that like to pop up when I am in ‘list making mode’.

The procrastinator

I like to disguise my procrastination as ‘planning’. Often not long after I have finished creating my plan for worldwide domination, or whatever grand idea I might have, I lock it away in one of my many notebooks, or a flavor of the month productivity apps. My grand scheme then promptly gets forgotten about. You learn pretty quickly that this type of planning is just procrastination in disguise.

The disorganised

Whilst my love for list making would probably make you think “She must be super organized!” Nope. Actually I think I am probably the least organised of everyone I know. My inability to keep everything in one spot creates a super crazy kind of chaos. I spend more time updating lists than doing tasks, and I’ll often create a new list after I’ve done something just so I can cross it off (oh the satisfaction!).

The overwhelmed

5 year plans, yearly goals, monthly targets, weekly intentions, daily to do lists. So much to do! I have so many lists and tasks floating around that I get overwhelmed. Too many! Where to start?! I’ll just take a nap instead.

The wish-maker

Sometimes I’ll stumble upon a list I wrote months ago, with goals, that are essentially just a bunch of ‘wishes’. These random things that I want to achieve become a distant memory, mainly because I am too busy planning, and not actually doing. I don’t think about the how, just the what.

The perfectionist

I’ve been told that ‘over-planning’ is a perfectionist quality. Every thing must be perfect. Being a perfectionist is a tough gig, it’s hard to be agile and adaptable. But the worst part of being a perfectionist is, nothing ever gets finished because it’s never good enough!

So as confronting as this is, I know things need to change. So instead of creating goals and plans and roadmaps, like I normally do as part of my wind down for the year, I am just going to DO.

I will resist the beautiful planners, organisers and vision maps for the future. I will unsubscribe from the Kikki.K newsletter. I will live in the moment. Create magic. Be fluid. And most importantly, I’ll take action.