Put your Instagram feed on your WordPress website (without a plugin)

Here is a super simple way to get your instagram feed on the sidebar of your WordPress Blog.

Say hello to SnapWidget

SnapWidget is a free service that makes this super simple, and no need to add a plugin to get it working.

Snap Widget

 Customise your widget

The super easy interface allows you customise your instagram feed. Add your username, or if you like a hastag and preview your options.

Customise your instagram widget


Copy your embed code

Once you are happy with the way your feed displays, click the ‘get widget’ option. Copy the in the grey box and head on over to your website.

SnapWidget EmbedCode

Paste you embed code in your widgets

Within your WordPress login, head to your widgets section (under Appearance -> Widgets). Find your sidebar and drag over the ‘Text’ Widget that comes with your WordPress install.  Paste your embed code in the text area of the widget.

Text Widget and Snap Widget Instagram feed

Save and check your sidebar – that’s it we’re done!

instagram feed

The pros

Super easy, no plugins required, no coding skills required.

The cons

This plugin uses an iframe, which is essentially a website embedded into your site.

You have limited ability to customse and if you have a responsive website the frame will not respond to window sizes.


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