website job

3 jobs your website should be performing

“What’s that?” I hear you say. “A website has a job?”

That’s right, your website is not just another business expense that you feel like you should have for your business. If done right, your website CAN and WILL make your life easier.

Here are 3 jobs your website should be doing for your business right now:

Your number one sales person

Your website is your number 1 sales person. It’s also the hardest working one, working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It probably brings you more leads than you actually realise.

Whether your website is an online store that sells physical products or you’re selling a service offering, a great looking website will be your number one sales person.

An administration superstar

Remember that time many moons ago when business owners had secretaries to screen their calls, take enquiries and direct people to the right place. Well your website can pretty much take care of all that, plus some.

Use your website to it’s potential, get it automating and answering those questions your customers regularly ask that slow you down.

An advocate for your brand

Your website needs to reflect your brand and your direction. It really is one of the only places where you get to shout from the roof tops how incredible your business is.

Yeah you could do it to everyone you meet in real life, but that’s just a bit icky and I doubt you would get many new customers or friends if that’s all you’ve got to talk about.


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What other jobs have you got your website performing for your business?