Fraud & Retention

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This month I had a few things happening personally so slightly derailed on my commitments, but managed to keep the pace and continued to service my members. Here’s how March went down:

Fraud Dispute

This month I took a big hit financially. One of my members marked their first payment as fraud. Payment was through stripe and they took the money back plus a fee of $25. So it may not seem like much but the $9 membership fee, plus the cost of the seeds I sent to her as part of the early bird offer, plus the stripe payment fee, plus the fraud fee left me $46 out of pocket. Which was almost half of my launch.

I contacted the member, she confirmed it was an error on her part. I submitted evidence showing an actual email from her saying it was a mistake and that she still wanted to be a member plus all the transcripts of her access to the material – but my claim was still  rejected. Stripe have a policy that you cannot contest or provide further evidence to fraud disputes, after asking around I found that everyone who has had a dispute has had it rejected. I am not sure if this is just a blanket thing that is happening to online business or just stripe taking us for a ride. I also spoke with someone who works in a bank and they said you should be able to back and forth to work it out.

The member has signed up again with a different card after the ordeal and I am crossing my fingers they hang around for at least 4 months just so I can recoup the money.

I am going through the process of following their guidelines to avoid a bank rejection from the dispute, but I am tempted to ditch stripe completely after this. Some things that need to be collected include the billing address and the 3 digit code on their card, so if you’re setting up payments for anything online make sure you collect these details.

Member Retention

I had my first cancellation this month.

I was in two minds about it. Firstly I felt sad and I had failed.

But I had a feeling the content wasn’t going to be quite on the mark for this member, and I really should have accommodated for it, but time got away from me. After the cancellation I sent a follow up email (which she didn’t respond to) and let her access the content for an additional two weeks.

So for the first month my drop rate is 8%.

Content hamster wheel

I am still in the swing of things but really need to get ahead. Which I am finding difficult as the nature of the content really is seasonal. It’s still all in flow though and I am not finding it overwhelming yet.

My main issue now is trying to figure out what I blog about and put out for free vs what I keep for my members only.

Community engagement

Something I need to work on is getting the engagement up within the community. I am posting regularly being mindful not to over post, but I this is one area that I really need to work on.


This month I’ve learnt more about what checks I need in place for collecting payment.



Email subscribers – 385 (11 new, 10 lost)

Instagram followers – 4935 (+454)

Facebook followers –474 (+12)

Average Monthly website hits – 1692 (-121)


Money earned – $120

Money spent $87.13
Hosting $22.50
Payment Fees $5.91
Vimeo (video storage) $12
Jetpack (spam/backup/security) $12.72
Fraud fee $34

Total this month: $32.87

Total carried forward: loss of $172.27


Hours spent on the project – Approx 20

I keep needing to remind myself it’s a marathon not a sprint.


  • Get ahead with the content
  • Get my optin incentive revised
  • Get my May launch plan sorted
  • Work hard on getting member engagement up


Launch number 2!

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