Step up, or Step down

We’re getting to the pointy end of the year (project) where I need to make a decision on how to proceed.

I’ll be honest I am lacking clarity around this. On one hand I am proud of my achievements, on the other hand I feel very stuck and that I should of done better and I should be in a better position by now.

I feel like I haven’t tried hard enough. But also that I’ve worked really hard.

I feel like there are things that I could have done better.

I often feel like I wish I had someone to just tell me what to do next.

And it all rolls back around to lack of clarity.

Getting ahead

I am finally in the swing of things with the content for the membership. I am happy with the groove I am in for that. Some weeks I get a fair bit a head, others I catch up but it’s not as stressful as it was before daycare. I am generally doing a new video each week for them.

What to give away for free vs what goes in the membership

I seriously considered to giving away the membership. I’ve had this internal battle of what should I be blogging about vs what goes in the membership. So I don’t blog at all now. I need to really pin point what is the value of the membership as I’ve now created over 170 resources in there and really it could be overwhelming which kind of defeats the purpose.

I feel like there needs to be a bit of a better way of doing it but I am not exactly sure how that sits.

Bigger Picture clarity

It was hard to really use this month to get clarity on the bigger picture stuff and I feel like I need to give myself space to do this. I’ve taken a break from the podcast and from December I’ll wind back the weekly emails and sit and marinate in new ideas. I feel like this is the best place for it right now as I try not to over think it.


Members – 14 (-2)


  • Email subscribers – 730 (+39)
  • Instagram followers –9783 (+268)
  • Facebook followers – 863 (+29)
  • Average Monthly website hits – 2900(-7.3%)


  • Money earned : $166
  • Money spent: $99.80
  • Hosting $22.50
  • Payment Fees $13
  • Vimeo (video storage) $13.20
  • Jetpack (spam/backup/security) $13.20
  • Podcast Hosting $17.90
  • Advertising $20
  • Total profit this month: $66.20
  • Total carried forward: profit of $534.95*

*Not paying myself OR putting money aside for tax 


Hours spent on the project : Approx 24


Create space to recalibrate


Step up or step down.