Do you hate being on video too?

Nothing scares me more than video, OK that’s a lie, I am scared of swooping beady eyed magpies way more.

In high school I wanted to be a filmmaker, I was always comfortable behind the camera and the editing desk. Everyone hated me sticking the camera in their faces (although it’s a different story now with a 20 year school reunion coming up). I always wondered why people hated it so much, but now I definitely get it. People don’t really like seeing themselves on camera.

When it came to recording some video for an upcoming training series, where I would be in front of the camera, fear set in. I have no problems recording ‘how to’ instructional videos where the screen is the visuals, but being in front of the camera is another story. After finding the right position, getting the light just right – it took me 3 hours to record the first introduction video. Yep 3 hours to record a 60 second clip. Don’t ask me how many takes it took, but lets just say I had to delete some files off my computer to get them to fit.

I pushed through that initial fear of being seen on video and the subsequent 3 videos took me less than an hour. I pushed through how terrible my hair looked, the ever presence of double chins, the annoying neighbour with is power tools, when I bumbled through my words and how annoying I sounded.

In the end I created some pretty decent content that will help some people get started with their dreams. And that’s what I am super proud of.

I am still scared of video, but I am going to continue to do it because at the end of the day it isn’t about me. And one day I’ll be awesome at it. For now, if you want to join me for this free training series you’ll just have to deal with the imperfections.

If there was ever a time to be shit at video, now is the time. Everyone is still finding their feet (except those early adopters). If you need a little nudge on creating real video for your audience I cannot recommend Lisa Corduff’s Keeping Video Real Course*¬†enough.

Do you hate being on video too? or is there some other thing that you know you should do for your business that you put off or just makes you cringe? Hit reply and let me know.


* Yes I am an affiliate, but I only recommend stuff I love.